(Written by Pedro M. Valladares, MUN Munabe Advisor)

Once again, we have started our MUN year in Croydon. And, once again, Royal Russell has organised a wonderful conference which our delegates have thoroughly enjoyed. This year, we have travelled with 6 delegates and our most experienced member who has participated as the Deputy President of the ICJ.

We flew to London one day before the start of the conference in order to be able to visit the city. After leaving our bags in the hotel and having lunch we visited the Science Museum, where we enjoyed the different and really interesting expositions. Then, we walked towards Piccadilly Circus and our students had some free time for shopping and touring that part of London on their own. We got back together for dinner, when we met with Mario, a legend of our MUN Club who is currently studying his university degree in London.

Saturday morning we went to Royal Russell, and after registration we were shown to our accommodation in Oxford House. Once settled, the veteran delegates helped situate in the school those who were attending the conference for the first time and we practiced our ambassador speech and policy statements. Our final preparation step was uploading the resolutions to the conference’s well organised system. After lunch, our delegates were eager to start lobbying in their committees and take part in resolution building. It was a long first day but our delegates did a great job.

Sunday started with an early morning to be able to attend mass before joining back the committees. Our delegates kept on working really hard and I can say their participation in committees through Sunday and Monday morning was notable. Meanwhile, our Deputy President of the ICJ was doing an amazing job trying to help and guide the members who were new to ICJ proceedings.

Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, while ICJ was working hard questioning the witnesses and trying to reach a verdict, the General Assembly was underway in the Main Hall. I can confidently say our delegates did a great job during GA. They were active in debate raising several points of information and delivering speeches who helped keep debate focused and alive.

All in all, I can confidently affirm that our delegation’s work in RRSiMUN 2019 was outstanding. As their advisor, I value the effort they made to prepare for the conference and the willingness to participate in lobbying and debates throughout the conference. I would also like to thank Jaime, our most experienced delegate, for his help during the preparation. He has been amazing helping the other delegates and he has been a great support for us as advisors too. Moreover, his job as a Deputy President of the ICJ deserves recognition too.

It wouldn’t be fair finishing this overview of our participation in the conference without a reference to our fellow delegates and advisors from Ayalde. Once again, it has been a honour and a pleasure to share some moments with them. So, we want to express our gratitude to Nicola and Mercedes for their kindness and help, one feels lucky to have such great colleagues. As far as the students from Ayalde we have met in Royal Russell are concerned, I can just say Ayalde should be really proud of them, and not just because of the great job as delegates, chairs and judges they have done. We have had the chance to get to know a really nice group of girls who have been really helpful and friendly and who have made this conference an even better experience. A big thank you to all of you. Now, we are looking forward to working together again in the preparation of MUN BILBAO 2020 in order to organise a great conference.