Winter is a very hard time for all families, especially for those with less resources. That’s why the group of students of MUN Munabe contacted Provida Vizcaya, an association dedicated to help families in danger of social exclusion, in order to help them give clothes to the poorest babies among us.

So, in order to set up the project, a friend and I had to go to speak with the primary education teachers, so they knew that they should remind the students what they were supposed to do two weeks before the event. The next day, my friend and I went to all primary education classes, explaining what the project was about both in English and Spanish, just in case they didn’t understand. The day after that we did the same but for students of Secondary Education, this time presenting the project in a brief and concise manner.

With a three-day long weekend, we expected everyone to give at least a quick look around their houses, searching for the clothes for children up to four years old that we had asked them to donate. Well, from MUN Munabe we’re glad to announce that we were not disappointed at all with the turnout, as last Thursday, the 12th of December, we filled a whole room with clothes.

24 hours later, after collecting the last pieces of clothing from the kids at Primary education that had forgotten to bring them the day before just as their teachers had anticipated, we helped with the loading of the donated clothes in the trunk of the car in which the lads at ProVida had closed in. Reflecting on the project a couple of days after it was finished, I can feel nothing but pride for the great organisation labour my friend had to do to make all of this possible, the great cooperation between the students and teachers involved, and last but not least, the thing I’m most proud of is the generosity of all my colleagues.